About us

Why we exist

Existing photo production processes cannot keep up with the growing demand for visual content. Fashion models are a large contributor to this inefficiency, prolonging time in the studio and representing 30-50% of costs.

Our mission

ModelMe generates fashion models and are on a mission to digitise the $25B global modelling market. We design algorithms based on cutting edge research in computer vision and implement them within an intuitive B2B SaaS tool. Just one uploaded image of the garment can scale to produce an infinite range of diverse on-model fashion photos.

Natalija Wollny

CEO & founder

ex-Venture Capital investor at DN Capital; grew FashionTech company, Presize.ai, from five to 25 employees

Dr. Christoph Sträter

CTO & founder

PhD in theoretical physics; industry experience in Data Science and deep learning

Mahmoud Mabrouk

Senior Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Science degree from TU Berlin; 10 years research experience in applied ML