Photo shootings in your backyard

"I want a female model with brown, slightly wavy hair; blue eyes; olive skin; neutral expression; one hoop, pearl earring."

We empower you through software to create your own photo-realistic fashion model, eliminating the need for you to hire a model and other beauty services

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Save time and costs

Eliminating the need to hire professional models or hair and makeup personnel

Increase model diversity

Democratising diversity through software and subsequently boosting conversions

Do it yourself

Create and custom your own fashion models in minutes with zero waiting time

Simple and flexible

We design software that makes it simple to change the style of the model but also other aspects of the fashion image. We achieve this by using artificial intelligence. The software understands the features of the image and helps you to intuitively edit it. This way, the outcome is always a natural looking fashion image of high quality.


Upload a high-quality image of someone wearing the garment you wish to sell


Our software generates models according to your feature requirements (e.g. gender, age, facial expression)


Customize the model's features by using sliders to make adjustments, also edit the lighting and the background of the photo


Once satisfied, export your model(s) to a high resolution image

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the technology work?

We use Artificial Intelligence to render fashion models that look photo-realistic and at the same time fit naturally into the image (coherent lighting, pose and background). In contrast to common methods like photoshopping, our software really understands the image and knows how to combine person, fashion and background in an aesthetically pleasing way.

What are the requirements for using this software?

There is only one requirement: a picture of someone wearing your merchandise in all the poses you wish to show on your website. The software combines these photos with the model you generate. To provide the highest quality, your photos should be in high resolution when uploaded. The optimal aspect of the photo is 3:4. Also, the photo should be well illuminated and the background plain, preferably white.

How long does it take to create my own model?

The end-to-end process, from upload to export, starts from 60 seconds and stretches out depending on the extent to which you custom your model. There are model templates from which you can start editing and adapting the model's features to exactly match your needs. If you have previously created your own model, you can also re-use these.

Can I use the same model for all future shoots?

Yes! If you create a model that you wish to feature on your eCommerce store in the future, you can save it for later use. You can also be sure that no other store is using the same model, regardless of whether you choose to save your models or not.

How easy is it to generate models using the software?

Very easy. We have worked closely with our eCommerce partners to ensure that the user experience is as intuitive as possible. We have also created a series of how-to videos if you wish to see the software being used in action.

What is the pricing model?

Our aim is to charge less than 50% of what you previously paid for hiring models and other beauty services. We offer different package tiers which are defined by the number of product photos you wish to process through our software.

Can you advise on platform image guidelines such as those on Zalando and Amazon?

Yes! If you are a brand that needs to adhere to the product image guidelines of major platforms such as Zalando or Amazon, we enable you to activate settings in our software to ensure compliance according to your particular platform's requirements. Please contact us if you would like to inquire about whether we support the guidelines of other platforms.